About Me

Hi there, as you may have guessed my name is Blair.

I have very recently set out on the task of creating this blog which first went up on the 9th of August 2015. Who knows when it is your reading this and if I’m anywhere near sorted in regards to blogging yet but I promise I’ll try my best.

I have had a few attempts at blogging before on various different sites but I was never very happy with any of them. But this time round I feel like I might finally have it right. I’ve decided to be more honest with myself and not write about things I think are popular and interesting to readers, but things that I find pretty cool and exciting myself. That will probably end up consisting of anything I’m fancying at the moment I’m writing. Every couple of weeks or so, that’s me, packing up and moving on like a wandering nomad until I find my next most favourite and most interesting thing.

To be slightly more specific I love photography, interior design/decor, a little bit of fashion and beauty every now and again and health and fitness when I’m going through those super motivational phases.

I hope to post every Friday night around 7/8 pm but that might not be up and going for a couple of weeks yet. I guess we’ll just wait and see for now.



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