Summer | Blair Hannah



I don’t know about you guys but for me, Summer holidays never really qualify as official Summer holidays unless I get extremely bored towards the last week or two  and I’ve actually gotten to the stage where lazy laptop time doesn’t instantly make me feel better. And until this summer I had never experienced a summer where I’m not excited to go back to school by the end of it. This year I am shocked to find that I have under a week  until I go back to school and I still feel like I did when Summer first started.

Summer | Blair Hannah

The first two weeks of my holidays were taken up with two different camps that I go to every year. Week three was mostly spent recovering from the ‘going to sleep in the early hours of the morning and waking up in the early hours of the morning’ that I had to deal with for those two weeks of camp and I still haven’t quite managed to get into a decent sleep pattern since. It’s now week six and I’m not quite sure where the time went and I’m panicking about certain tasks I was asked to do over the holidays by my teachers. We only get six and a half weeks of Summer holidays so I’m running out of time realizing I have a book to read, a talk to research and put together, a coastal assignment to carry out and a whole years course to somehow learn and revise ( I skipped the first level of a subject and I’m hoping to do the next level this year so I need to catch up on some things). Plus it seems that my parents have made lots of plans for my last week and a bit that I am gradually hearing about the night before and my number of free days just keeps on dropping. And have I mentioned that all the furniture in my room is all over the place as I attempt to paint a room for the first time.

Time really has flown and for once I’m satisfied to just continue with my lazy summer days in and spend time with family and friends, without school in between. It may be because I have things to do and places to be but I’ve gotten into a routine where I could stay in the whole day and never run out of things to do. Now I know we all always have things to do on our long to-do lists but I’m talking about fun, relaxing things that make life more interesting and that make our lives look like a series of really cute ‘summer inspiration’ pics on instagram.

Another reason I feel  like I need to hold on to summer is because I know as soon as I’m back at school and getting on with it, all the big questions about my life and my future are going to all pop back up again and it’s getting to that time where I need to start answering them instead of pushing them as far away as possible. Plus I’m really enjoying being able to come in and watch an episode from my favourite show or a film I’ve been wanting to see without having to wade through a sea of homework first.

But I can’t stop it coming and I have to admit I’m quite excited about this term in some ways. And I’m loving my new school shoes, not to mention the fact that I think I’ve stepped up my uniform game this year pretty well.

I’ll let you know how it all goes and I should have a post coming soon about how to survive back to school season and how to start the year out right. We don’t want to be knee deep in work within the first few weeks.



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