My favourite scents at the moment

Today I thought I would share with you my 3 favourite body sprays at the moment.

Now I never used to be much of a scent person but all of a sudden I have realized how much pleasure it brings me to smell amazing.

First on the list is my Zoella Beauty Blissful Mistful…

Zoella Blissful Mistful

I’ve always been a big fan of Zoella and had been watching her video’s for a long time when she brought out her beauty range and this was one of the items I had to get my hands on. It isn’t a really heavy, full on scent but more light and refreshing. I would describe it as a mix between fruity and floral and is a lot lighter and fresher than the other two scents I’m going to mention. This makes it my go to for a laid back relaxing spring day, perfect for this time of year.

Next is my most recent purchase, the pink Hollister spray in the scent Crescent Bay…

Hollister Spray I purchased this just this week and it has already made it’s way into my bag. The scent is pretty strong so one spray goes a long way and it has a pretty impressive staying power in my opinion. Almost everyone I know owns one (or more) of the Hollister sprays and I finally decided to give one a try since I’m going on this body spray rampage. This is another floral and slightly fruity scent (can you tell their my favourite) and is great for going out for the day so you can smell good all day without having to take the bottle along to reapply, just what I need.

Lastly is one I was very skeptical about at first, the nspa Vanilla body mist…

Vanilla Spray

I was given this by a friend at Christmas along with the matching shower gel and was scared to smell it. For some reason I have always hated the smell of Vanilla (maybe because it isn’t fruity or floral) and the first time I sprayed this I didn’t think my nose buds (is that a thing) had changed. But within a day or two of giving it a million and one second chances it really started to grow on me and now I love it. This is another one that has stayed in my bag.

I hope you enjoyed this little post today and let me know of any posts you would like to read in future.



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