Lip Products I love

Today I wanted to tell you about my favourite lip products at the moment that help my lips stay smooth and hydrated.

Since as long as I can remember, I’ve had a problem with dry lips and picking the skin of my lips (gross,I know) and this is how I try to stay on top of my habit.

Lip Products I Love... Lip roll-on

First up is The Body Shop’s 100%Natural Lip Roll-On in Rose which I recently bought and already love. I have to admit it does smell kind of funny at first and is very different from anything I’ve ever tried before as it is a liquid that you apply from the metal roller ball at the top but it really has helped. Within the first day I realized how much smoother my lips were even when the product had dried in.

Lip Products I love... Mango Lip Butter

Next up is another Body Shop product, the Mango Lip Butter. First things first, massive improvement on the smell of this product, that’s a big plus already and it doesn’t do to bad at keeping my lips hydrated either. It is much more of the kind of consistency I would expect from a lip balm/butter and feels really good on my lips (proven by the fact that the packaging is fading quite a bit).

Lip Products I Love... I Love Raspberry and Blackberry

Now on to a less well known brand called ‘I love…’, the one I own is the Raspberry & Blackberry Glossy Lip Balm and it once again smells amazing. And another bonus is that when applied it has a beautiful gloss to it (hence the name) while keeping your lips from chapping at the same time.

Lip Products I Love... Vaseline

Lastly is the well known Vaseline, a lip product basic for beginners. I own the Original, Aloe Vera and Rosy Lips and all three do their job brilliantly and add a little shine at the same time. You can never go wrong with a little tad of Vaseline.

And that’s all for today guys, hope you enjoyed and comment down below which of these you have tried and if you like them or not.



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