Foundation vs BB Cream

Today I wanted to share what I think about both BB Creams and Foundations with you to help you pick the best for yourself.

BB Cream

For a while now my main face product has been Maybelline New York’s Dream Fresh BB Cream in the shade light and I’ve used it practically every day. I bought it before I went abroad during the October Holidays just so that I didn’t have to wear a heavy foundation in the heat and this was much lighter on my skin plus has SPF 30. I’ve never forgotten about it since like so many other products  I’ve bought.

It claims that it 1. creates a natural glow, 2. compliments skin tone, 3. SPF 30 UV protection, 4. Hydrates all day, 5. blurs imperfections, 6. oil free, non-greasy, 7. looks visibly smooth and 8. feels fresh.

I can certainly agree with practically all of the above and I do think that this is a product I will repurchase soon enough after I’ve tried out another couple of products but the purpose of this post is to compare this faithful BB Cream with an old friend.


Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation in the shade 100 Ivory was my previous go to foundation and has recently crept out of my makeup bag and reappeared in my life. I stopped using this when I went abroad and was basically too lazy to start using it again when I could just slap on my BB Cream instead. This foundation is great with my skin and it’s a brilliant drug store foundation for those of you on a budget. It does last a long time like it says but it’s quite easy to turn into an Oompa Loompa when applying (that may just be because I’m a ghost though). The finish is nice and smooth and it’s great for covering redness and blemishes, one of my main skin issues. Although I do love the foundation itself I do think I’m going to have to experiment with some lighter colours before I make it a regular repurchase.

In the end I’m not going to choose one over the other but I would say that I would rather pick up my BB Cream in the morning than a foundation just because of how light and hydrating it is. But don’t you worry, my Lasting Finish isn’t being evicted from my makeup bag anytime soon.



3 thoughts on “Foundation vs BB Cream

  1. would you say that bb creams are good for pale skin? I’m incredibly pale so i struggle to find a foundation that doesn’t make me orange so i was thinking about trying a bb cream 🙂


    1. I think it would be a good move and definitely an option you should try out. This one I’ve talked about in the post is super blend-able so even of it’s slightly too dark for your skin tone it’s not going to be to noticeable if you blend it out well enough. But I get you girl, I’m quite fair too and I’m always picking up the lightest colour foundation to try and match my ghost face 🙂


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